Setup for Portable Usage

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Setup for Portable Usage

We have chosen to use Tw in a portable type mode so at  a pinch it can be copied to a portable or USB type drive for remote usage.

However this configuration type option also can make it easier to find the related files you may need to access, if you are not concerned about having one set of Tw configuratoin files for a computer, even if there are multiple users of it.

Many of the issues are covered in this Tw issues entry:–

And in the Tw Manual, look for section 5.7 or in the index:- texworks-setup.ini

To do this we followed these steps:

    1. A plain text file called   texworks-setup.ini was created in the same directory as the TeXworks.exe
    2. We chose to use purely relative paths in it
    3. This is all that is in our file(s).

defaultbinpaths = ../../../LatexUtils/MiTeX 2.8.3541 Portabe/miktex/bin

inipath = ./config

libpath = ./config

This causes our Tw script directory to be below where the Tw executable is:


(And also means that the general config files for Tw are in the same tree.)

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