Getting Started

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Obtain TeXworks

If you have not already got it, get a copy of TeXworks.

As at July 2011 this is the development site to use:

Look under  Featured downloads:

If that is down, or no longer in use, then the most likely permanent site that will at least tell you where to get the most up to date version is this one: redirects to

What is TeXworks technically?

It is an Open Source, multi OS,  compiled Qt framework  C++ application. released under the GPL version 2 (as at revision 0.3 ver 649).

It provides editing and *Tex running tools with an in place pdf viewer that can be live synced to the editing of  source *TeX text.

If you are reading this then you already know that part of Tw can be scripted to extend or refine its functionality.

What is Tw Api?

Tw Api is basically what the window object is to browser scripting.

Its a description of the functions and properties that can be reached through scripts written for use with Tw.

The Tw Api is structurally and conceptually very different to the browser objects you might be familiar with in  web page scripting, but it fulfills many of the same purposes — it lets you 'hear from' and 'talk to' the underlying application and its windows and parts or 'widgets' as the Qt framework that Tw is built on, calls them.

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